In July, for the 5th year in a row, Mr. Chiarelli will be singing at
The Italian American Festival for the Italian American Association
of Monmouth County!

Check Salvatore's Events page for performances in your area!

"Mr. Chiarelli ‘Warms the Hearts’ of his Rockland
County Audience singing to another standing
room crowd of 200+ people on an extremely
cold, windy, unbearable frigid day."

-Review from The Pearl River Library Performance

"Mr. Chiarelli Has Been Acclaimed As One Of
The Best Tenors (Singers) In The World Today!"

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"Chiarelli has been able to master many vocal techniques as a performer and can perform his songs in both English and Italian."

-Article from the Massapequa Observer
 "Renowned Vocal Tenor To Sing At Massapequa Library"

"It is my privilege and honor to write this letter of recommendation for Salvatore Chiarelli after having experienced his awesome talents here at Kinnelon Public Library. He succeeded in evoking the spirit of Italy for everyone in the audience with his repertoire and rendition of Italian & Neapolitan light opera.

From the moment he stepped out, all present experienced his brilliant voice and easy going humor. He is one of the rare artists who can take an audience on a journey of feel good emotions and leave them wanting to come back for more. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to bring a fresh approach to an evening of wonderful entertainment.

His easy going sense of humor gets the audience laughing and their hearts open to receive his music. I can also assure you he is a wonderful person to work with - he is very supportive and cooperative."

-Anne Mandanayake, Program Co-ordinator - Kinnelon Public Library